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Hotel and Restaurant -Tregnago VR

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The Hotel Villa De Winckels in Tregnago (VR), is the ideal destination for sport and relaxation among the hills of the Val d ‘ Illasi, famous wine area, territory of Amarone and Valpolicella.

The Hotel Villa de Winckels recently renovated, was built as a small monastery in 1100 and then expanded in 1400 by the Austrian general De Winckels. The Villa can accommodate you in a large garden, and has a private cellar with a wide assortment of Italian and foreign wines.

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The restaurant

The restaurant inside the villa has interiors that bring the characteristics of the territory of the Val d ‘ Illasi. It offers many culinary dishes rich in flavors, and smells typical of the territory, which can be accompanied with good wine. More info

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Rooms & Suites

Hotel Villa De Winckels are available different types of rooms and comfort, starting from the standard Room, the suite with an extra room, the family room with two large bedrooms and the bathroom. Lastly our famous tower Suite also called the Tower of Lovers that can offer a unique stay of its kind. More info

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The cellar of the general

The cellarm of the general called so in honor of the last descendant of the family lived in the villa, the general De Winckels, in the cellar you can dine with typical products of the territory, make tastings and hosts a wide choice of wines both Italian and Foreign. More info

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The territory

Villa de Winckels is located between the hills of the Val d’illasi, wine Land of Amarone and Valpolicella. At about 25km is the famous city of Verona (Giulietta and Romeo) with many points of interest, about 14km are the Antiche Terme di Giunone, and not to mention the many wineries in our area with the best wines. Many outdoor sports enthusiasts like cycling and others visit us every year to explore all the paths of the valley. More info

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