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Via Sorio 30, 37039 Marcemigo di Tregnago (VR)

The Family

Our story

1986, was the year in which the Merzari family began their experience in the restaurant environment, when Ottavio, the eldest of the three brothers, decided to open a “trattoria “( family run restaurant) in the town of Tregnago; there was a lot of work and soon the other two brothers joined him. This was the start of an adventure to become the direction and mission of our life.

The trattoria proceeded with great satisfaction; in 1990 a special occasion presented itself: the purchase of Villa de Winckels in Marcemigo in Tregnago, a home with a glorious past but had been abandoned and in which the trees were growing inside putting the stability at risk.

In that moment a new challenge began with a new goal to reach: to recuperate a place of great historical, artistic and architectural value; making a forgotten place an unforgettable place, a model of hospitality becoming Ambassadors of the Valpolicella territory, with the beauties of its products.

Replying with a smile to the warnings that “ One only goes to Marcemigo to die”, the Merzari brothers were not frightened and in 1992 Villa de Winckels was opened.


The soul of the restaurant and hospitality


The local artist in the kitchen


Cellar keeper and ambassador of Valpolicella


Queen of hospitality at Villa de Winckels

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