Via Sorio 30, 37039 Marcemigo di Tregnago (VR)

November Tasting menu


 (Menu valid from the 10th to the 30th of November 2014)

Tarte Tatin with coffee candied pear and Monte Veronese sauce

 Soave Vigna Turbian “Nardello”

Risotto with pork loin and chestnuts

(placed fisrt at the gastronomic competition “Risotto del Sommelier” organised during the rice fair of Isola della Scala, 2013)

Papparedelle with hare ragout and chocolate flakes

Chianti Classico “San Felice”

Sliced rump beef filet served with red radicchio, Gran Lessinia flakes and balsamic vinegar

Cabernet Sauvignon Aplomb “Monsupello”

Sweet Autumn (chocolate-coated hazelnut Bavarese with chestnut sauce)

 Dindarello “Maculan”


€. 35,00

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