Via Sorio 30, 37039 Marcemigo di Tregnago (VR)



TerritoryThe Eastern part of the province of Verona – from plain to Lessinia – is rich in heritage and landscapes. The morphology is suitable for viticulture as well as olive and cherry tree growing. The area, a large part of which is hilly, is characterized by conoids, parallel and degrading ridges (splitting and fanning out) and small valleys. Entering one of them – the Val d’Illasi, in which many churches, shrines, Venetian villas and castles are located – one arrives to Villa De Winckels, located in the ancient village of Marcemigo. Such beautiful small village allows one to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. The XV-XVII century residence rises immersed in an oasis-like scenario surrounded by gentle hills. Further, the area offers many possibilities for leisure and varied holidays activities: visits to the City of Verona (a UNESCO World Heritage Site); music festivals; hiking in the Regional Park of Lessinia (there are different options of free or guided hikes); mountain biking tours; guided tours to the rediscovery of local products and ancient flavours; routes focusing on devotional heritage and on folklore… and much more.

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