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Via Sorio 30, 37039 Marcemigo di Tregnago (VR)


Welcome to the Illasi Valley

Just outside Verona you enter East Verona It’s valleys, which wind in a fan shape from the slopes of the Lessinian Mounts, open onto a landscape scenery immersed in the cultivation of vines, olive trees and cherry trees. Entering one of these – the Illasi Valley- amongst country churches, sanctuaries, Ville Venete, and castles you reach Villa de Winckels in the ancient Borgo di Marcemigo. The pleasantness of the small hamlet allows you to enjoy an oasis of relaxation immersed in the soft curved lines of the hills. At the same time the territory offers different possibilities for a varied vacation; visits to Verona City UNESCO Patrimony of Humanity and music; excursions to the Regional Park of Lessinia; free or guided excursions by mountain bikes; guided tours to discover typical products of enogastronomy from Verona; devotional and cultural paths in the minor art, experiences in the folklore and popular traditions… and much more.

On request we organise guided tours

Discover the territory
Free time and sport
Theme Parks
Archeoland Lupo Azzurro
Grezzana - Stallavena
Loc. Mulino Sengio
Boscopark Parco Avventura

Via Aleardi


Pasoo Fittanze

Fauna Park in Bosco

Grezzana - Stallavena
Loc. Zerbato

Waterfall Park Molina

Via Bacilieri 1

Malga Parparo Vecchio

Roverè Veronese
C.da Conca dei Parpari 1

Refuge Bocca di Selva

Parco della Lessinia

Refuge Boschetto

Selva di Progno
Via Revolto di Sotto 9

Refuge Castelberto

Loc. Castelberto

Refuge Malga Lessinia

Loc. Malga Lessinia

Refuge Malga Malera

Bosco Chiesanuova
Loc. Malera di Sotto

Refuge Podestaria

Bosco Chiesanuova
loc. Podestaria

Refuge Primaneve

Bosco Chiesanuova
Loc. Monte Tomba

Refuge Revolto

Selva di Progno
Loc. Revolto

Covolo di Camposilvano

Velo Veronese
Loc. Covolo di Camposilvano

Horse riding
Horse centre il Criollo

Velo Veronese
Loc. Crudar

Swimming, thermal baths and spas

Via Valpolicella 63

Ancient thermal baths of Juno

Via delle Terme 1

Local Product
The wine road
Soave Foro Boario 1
Strada della Valpolicella

The lands of Valpolicella have an ancestral link with the vines, which sculptured the geometry of the hills and the culture of its people who lived there. People who, like the Merzari family, each day choose to privilege the products and producers of their own territory, evaluating a unique and inimitable patrimony and making them ambassadors.

The Illasi valley is part of DOC Valpolicella, a territory of wines famous all over the world: Valpolicella, Valpolicella Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto.

The area of production of Valpolicella denomination includes the Veronese foothills area between Lake Garda and the Lessinian Mounts and is divided into three distinct zones:

The Classic zone, formed by five geographical areas, or the area of Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella and San Pietro in Cariano, the valleys of Fumane, Marano and Negrar di Valpolicella.
The Valpantena zone, which includes the same valley
The DOC zone with the districts of the municipality of Verona and the Illasi, Tramigna and Mezzane valleys.

The vines used in the production are autochthonous Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara.

The Valpolicella Ripasso takes its name from the operation of “re passing” – refermentation – of the Valpolicella base on the remaining skins of Amarone and Recioto.

The name Recioto has origins from the dialect term recé ,”ears”, and indicates a wine which in the past was obtained by using only the ears of the grape bunches, those most external, most exposed to the sun’s rays.

In the modern production only the best grapes are used, whole, hung to dry on the traditional “Adele”( cane grates anciently used for the silk worm breeding) or in modern crates , inside the so called “orchards”.

The Amarone, direct relative of the ancient Recioto, is without doubt the most prestigious wine of the Valpolicella and is renowned all over the world: it is also obtained by drying the grapes, which which rest in the orchards for 100/120 days and are then vinified in winter.

The Botanical museum of Lessinia of Molina and Fumane

Via Bartolomeo Bacilieri 19

The Civic Ethnographic Museum in Bosco Chiesanuova

Bosco Chiesanuova
Via Spiazzi 4

The Civic Geopaleontological Museum “ Abate Don Giuseppe dalla Tomba” in San Bonifacio

San Bonifacio
Piazza San Benedetto 11

The Farming Civilisation Museum in Arcole

Via dell'Alzana

The Cimbri Museum in Giazza

Via dei Boschi 62

The Fossil Museum of Bolca in Vestenanova

Vestenanova, Loc. Bolca
Via San Giovanni Battisa

The Mortar (Trombini) Museum

Selva di Progno
Via Vittorio Veneto

The Geopaleontological Museum of Camposilvano

Via Covolo 1

The Napoleonic Museum “ Gustavo Alberto Antonelli”

Via Nuova

The Flint Museum
Badia Calavena - attached to the Abbey - Colle San Pietro - Loc. Campanari
The Wine Museum of Villa Canestrari Franchi

Via Castello 20

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Bassanella

Via Bassanella

The Sanctuary of San Felice


The Sanctuary of San Leonardo

San Mauro di Saline
Loc. Monte San Moro

The Sanctuary of Saint Mary of Alzana

Via dell'Alzana

The Sanctuary of Saint Mary of Pieve

Colognola ai Colli
Loc. Pieve

The tour of the 10 Capitals
This tour is circular and in its 8 kms winds around beautiful vineyards and rural zones.
Sacred places
The Abbey of San Pietro

San Bonifacio
Loc. Villanova

The Abbey of San Zeno

Loc. Cellore

The little church of Marcemigo


The Church of San Giorgio

Soave, Loc. Borgo Covergnino
Via San Giorgio

The Walled Towns



Città UNESCO patrimonio dell'umanità

The Castle of Illasi

Via Strada Nuova

The Castle of Montorio

Verona, Montorio

The Castle of Soave

Via delCastello

The Fort of San Briccio

Loc. San Briccio

The Ville Venete
Villa Maffei,Bevilacqua, Zamboni, Benini

Mezzane di Sotto
ia IV Novembre 6

Villa Pellegrini


Villa Perez Pompei, Sagramoso


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