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Wine List and Shop

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Wines in Villa

Merzari Brothers, Massimo and Ottavio, wine-lovers and sommeliers, select the Best Wines and Vintages and create the Wine List of Villa de Winckels.

The Wine List is created to be matched with our Seasonal Menus at the Restaurant or at Cantina del Generale, our wine cellar,  with simple but refined Selection of cold cuts or cheeses and some seasonal dishes.

Wine Shop

Anyone wishing to continue the pleasures of wine at home, can do so by purchasing wines directly to our Wine Shop in the Cantina del Generale  with our suggestions or choosing from the Wine List.

Take away your wine bottle…

… and enjoy the rest of the wine at home: it is possible to ask to take away the wine bottle at the end of the meal.

From our Wine list: The wines are in the order of type.
Each type is organized by Country, Region and alphabetical order.

View our Wine list

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