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Via Sorio 30, 37039 Marcemigo di Tregnago (VR)

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The General’s wine cellar is a symbolic place for the effort of the Merzari family for the promotion of the territory. Dating back to 1100, when it was part of a small convent of friars, it was then called so in honour of General De Winckels who lived here. Today it is a real and proper wine cellar, cured attentively and passionately by Massimo, who has selected a proposal of wines from over 150 producers coming from all over Italy but also from other parts of the world.

From these wineries, there are more than 30 which make up the ample and studied selection of Valpolicella and Amarone , wines which have always been very dear to Massimo and his family, who want to make the General’s wine cellar into a Home of Valpolicella, where those with a passion for or not can acquire a closeness to the culture of these wines, a priceless patrimony of the territory.

In the General’s wine cellar the wines ( available also for purchase in the Wine Shop) are not only selected, served and explained with care, but are also combined with the specialities of the territory, created from raw materials by local suppliers and by artisan preparation. The General’s wine cellar is a real bistro, dedicated to the discovery of the riches of the Valpolicella lands.

Sale of Wines
All the wines on our rich wine list can be purchased in our wine shop.
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Take the open bottle with you and continue the pleasure of wine at home.

The Merzari family’s commitment to promoting the area is also carried out through a series of important and significant events.

The main one is The Villa in Wine, now in its thirteenth edition, where the main producers of Valpolicella meet an audience of enthusiasts, journalists and operators. The event, conceived when Amarone did not yet have the attention it enjoys today, has over the years become the most important event open to the public dedicated to this wine.

The Cantina del Generale also hosts exclusive meetings with producers, tasting evenings open to the public with the involvement of Veronese companies, tailor-made food and wine tours dedicated to the enhancement of the territory and its extraordinary products. Unique occasions, studied and organized with care and passion.

There are also many events that the Merzari family thinks about within its own structure: from occasions on the most typical recurrences, to thematic evenings, monthly aperitifs and aperitifs accompanied by live music but also private corporate dinners and programs for weekend immersion in the food and wine atmosphere of the Villa.

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